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Supporting students' return to uni

A return to university after a year of isolation gives FORmE the opportunity to remind students to stay proud of who you are and not change for others.

With Freshers’ Week fast approaching, as many young people leave home for the first time, we understand how anxious students will be and the difficulties some will face over the coming months.

At FORmE we want to send a clear message to students. Whatever you go through or however you feel - you are never alone.

FORmE founder, Dan Watson, has overcome many challenges within his life but came back stronger each time. This is why, through his luxury clothing, Dan wants to show the next generation they can also overcome any difficulties that may present themselves.

FORmE has subsequently designed our garments to only to be readable by the wearer when looking in the mirror. This shows us to be proud of who we are and not to live for the approval of others, a message that is very prominent when encountering student life for the first time.

These messages are also shown through our three monsters but especially Hugo. Hugo always gets back up, no matter how many times he falls - a vital message for anyone starting university. Hugo shows us we can grow stronger as a result of any disappointments we face.

Together, we aim to change attitudes around mental health and show everyone to be proud of who we are. Student life will bring both highs and lows for everyone but FORmE wants to serve as a reminder to stay true to yourself and remain proud of who you are.

We wish all students a great start or return to studies. While you're here, don't forget to check out our latest clothing drops ready for the start of the semester!

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