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FORmE debuts Blanks at London Fashion Week

We have officially debuted our Autumn/Winter Blanks range at London Fashion Week, only three months after we launched with our first summer range in June 2021.

Founded on the ethos, ‘For the wearer, not the crowd’ FORmE offers affordable luxury in union with the brand’s message of promoting a positive mindset, self-love and confidence. 

The brand serves as a reminder that often in the simplest things we find true happiness. Founded by artist and designer Daniel Watson, FORmE’s message is it’s who you see in the mirror, not what, that matters. That’s why on FORmE clothing the brand name is always written backwards, so it’s legible in the wearer’s reflection.  

The full FORmE range combines both high-quality clothing with everyday apparel – including short and long sleeve t-shirts, sweaters, pullover hoodies, shorts and sweatpants. At least 235 GSM is used throughout the collection, ensuring high-end, quality fabrics created with comfort and durability in mind. The Blanks range comes in a neutral, wearable palette of black, vintage black, white, cream and sand, providing a timeless, staple wardrobe garment.  

The modest Blanks range features the mainstay FORmE ‘smiley’ on the sleeve and aims to make the life of the buyer easier by simplifying fashion and proving that the most important part of the outfit is the wearer themselves.  

Daniel Watson, founder of FORmE, said: “It’s who you see in the mirror that matters most. That’s why our garments are designed for the wearer and not the crowd. We want to inspire people to be the best version of themselves. Our mission to offer affordable luxury means the wearer feels great and has the confidence to be who they need to be, not who they’re expected to be.” 

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