Daniel Watson - Why I'm Vlogging - FORME

Daniel Watson - Why I'm Vlogging

FORmE founder, Dan Watson, is documenting the launch of the brand with vlogs on his YouTube channel.

Dan is a serial entrepreneur having started, and remained involved with, multiple businesses throughout the last 20 years. He’s now taking us behind the scenes of the launch of a unique venture – FORmE.

Speaking of the challenges of launching a clothing brand, Dan said: ‘People are always very secretive about who they’re using as a supplier and where they’re buying their clothing from, how are they getting them printed, how are they building up their social media following.

‘What I’ve learned over the years of building businesses is that not everyone can do it. Everyone can and probably will try and do it at some point, but it’s so much work and it’s so hard.

‘Secrets aren’t what makes the business, hard work makes the business.

‘I don’t want to keep any secrets – that’s why I’m building my YouTube channel where you’ll be able to find out how much I’m paying for things, where I’m sourcing them from, deals that I’m making and failures that I make.

‘All of this stuff will be on my YouTube channel so people can learn from my mistakes, use my suppliers that I’ve spent months trying to find and get behind-the-scenes insight into building a brand.

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